Residential Painting

Interior Painting Process

When painting interior surfaces, our first step is to take the special time needed to protect your interior surfaces by masking off areas before we start your painting project.

We use quality paints on your walls and professional finishes on your cabinets and doors. When painting or refinishing, we focus on exceptional detail and quality.

At the end of your painting project, we ensure that the project area is clean and free of any painting debris or dust. We feel your home is our home and respect it as our own until the job is complete. Our interior process is thorough and we take pride in our end result.

Interior Process
  • Mask off and protect all working areas.
  • Complete interior preparation work, Recaulk all wood trim, fill holes and cracks.
  • Sand all wood trim before painting.
  • Patch all cracks and match existing textures.
  • Apply all faux and decorative finishes.
  • Refinsh or apply new paint to doors and cabinets.
  • Perform final touchups and clean up work area.

Walls and Ceilings

Interior painting services includes adding a new coat of quality paint to your interior walls and ceilings. Whether we are painting your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, we take pride in making your home more beautiful.


Faux Finishes

Special faux finishes such as sponging, rag rolling, and craqueling can also be applied to living area walls. Walls can also be textured with the latest style and technique.


Cabinets and Woodwork

Interior painting services also include making improvements to existing cabinets, baseboards, and wood trim. Wood surfaces are sanded and repaired before applying that special coat of paint and glaze, if required.


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