Energy Efficient Coatings

Ashcon Painting provides services for improving your home’s energy efficiency by keeping your home cooler in the hot Texas summer and warmer in the winter.

Shielding Your Home Exterior from Extreme Heat using TEX•COTE®

To protect the exterior of your home from the hot Texas heat, Ashcon Painting can use the specialty formulated coating, TEX•COTE®, which can be applied to your home’s exterior.

The TEX•COTE® finish has been specially formulated to reflect the sun’s heat, lowering surface temperatures by up to 40 degrees when compared to traditional paints in many colors. This revolutionary heat reflective finish produces a longer service life and the best weathering and durability in the industry. In fact, it is so durable, it is backed by one of the strongest warranties in the business‚ for as long as you own your home.

Ashcon Painting can apply the TEX•COTE® product to your home and help you to save on painting and energy costs over the life of your home.

For more information on the TEX•COTE® product click here.

Attic Insulation with E-Barrier™ to Reduce Attic Heat

During hot summer months, home attic space can reach temperatures exceeding 150 degrees. This extreme temperature is due to sunlight (i.e., radiant energy) being directed to your home’s roof and poor ventilation in the attic space. With this increased heat, your cooling system uses additional energy to counteract the increased attic air temperature.

To reflect radiant energy and reduce attic heat, Ashcon Painting can seal the interior of your attic with the Sherwin Williams E-Barrier product.

This product is coated on the underside of your attic roof decking or to previously coated commercial decking. This application creates a barrier that reflects radiant energy, helping to prevent it from entering or leaving the building. E-Barrier™ reduces heating and cooling costs by as much as 15% as certified by an independent testing laboratory*.

For more information on the Sherwin Williams’ E-Barrier™ product click here.


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